Miss the energy and the “highs”

Q: Is it common for individuals treating Bipolar Disorder with prescribed medication to miss the energy and the “highs” from the untreated hypomania or manic times?

A: Yes, occationally the high energy is wonderful in achieving projects in a fraction of the time it normally takes. I miss the old me that seemed to be able to tackle more. I’ve found that people think I am doing very well, dealing with all my circumstances. Yet, those same people don’t see the parts of my life that have gone neglected. I do the chores that demand doing, and I let everything else go. I hope I am right in pursuring my education above all else. I believe that the degree will help me get the job I want, but I’m not totally sure. I’m scared. When I first posted my information in A Better Place to Be, I was functioning at a higher level. Currently, I tend to become overwhemled, when I do find I have the energy, with not really knowing where to start first. I’ve succumbed to a life of giving into spending way too much of everything… money; time avoiding my school homework with computer games; time on videos or movies watched; stops for take out meals. When I reach out for advice, others say to me: “Can you do baby steps? Take one thing at a time, picking the highest priority?” I don’t always correctly figure out what is the highest priority, but I do what I can for the moment, the day.