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A long time ago, I heard a song that contained the phrase: a better place to be. Through the years, I didn’t remember what song it came from or even the basic story in the lyrics; except, I gleaned that this phrase is about looking and wishing for a place that would be better than the present. When I said these words to myself they became an expression of my recurring feelings: a desire to find a place or future that is better or different from the one I have. These are feelings that especially arise when I am in the midst of dealing with the worst of my Bipolar Disorder.

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See the Practice Guideline For The Treatment Of Patients with Bipolar Disorder from the American Psychiatric Association for some professional background information and a medical definition of this illness.

In December of 1996, I did an Internet search on the phrase, a better place to be. I found a copy of the lyrics that I originally heard on the radio back in the early 80’s. The song is by Harry Chapin. A copy of the song can be found on these CDs:

CD Cover: The Gold Medal Collection The Gold
Medal Collection
CD Cover: The Bottom Line Encore Collection The Bottom Line
Encore Collection

Currently, I think a better place to be has a lot more to do with acceptance of self, taking care of one’s self and facing responsibility… rather than looking for an escape in a hobby, a wild pursuit or an actual physical place. A better place to be can mean striving for health and stability. (Unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand to bring everything into perfect balance.) This task is a very individual journey.

Statement of Intent

This Website is not intended to be construed nor to serve as a standard for Bipolar Disorder. The information contained on the site is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a professional counselor, therapist, doctor, or psychiatrist. Everyone is unique, and he/she ultimately needs to figure out what will be best for him/herself. I can only share about myself. Yet, maybe my story will help someone in finding his/her own better place to be.

Depending on my level of coping or life stress, I may not be able to respond to personal inquiries or email. Please do not be offended if you do not hear back from me. Typically, the questions which I receive from others, already have answers posted somewhere on my Website. Any new topics and information generated from others are being saved for future updates to the site.

Thank you!

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