My Reasons to be Depressed
Possible Sources that May be Causing my Depression
serious reasons

a genetic heritage that comes from being half Finnish
other genes in my DNA that tend toward improper chemical balance
need for more vocational satisfaction and personal fulfillment
lack of recovery from a dysfunctional childhood
being abandoned by a best friend
whiney reasons

nobody loves me
everyone hates me
tendency at times to identify any negative feeling as depression
lack of disposable income to purchase all the fun and necessary things I must have!

Healthy Things to do in dealing with depression

Healthy Things I Can Do that Will Lessen my Hypomania-depression Roller Coaster
Things to do…

drink lots of water
eat a balanced, nutritious diet
exercise using a regular routine each week
get plenty of sleep on a daily basis, with a consistent bedtime
take my medication as prescribed
spend quality time with my son
cuddle a Guinea Pig, a puppy or other pet
stop whining

How I Like to Zone Out When I’m Depressed
zoning: an apathic trance

read a book
play computer solitaire
design web pages
visit goofy stuff on the Net
listen to music

What is Hypomania Like?

fast thoughts, ideas flowing
high energy
desire to do something
joy in spending
increased interest in uncharacteristic sexual flirting

This description is not really negative things. What makes hypomania scary is that an individual may make bad choices with the increased energy. A common error made by Bipolar folks is to stop taking medications, because some degree of hypomania feels good. Through my life, my family and many friends have tended to like me more when I am slightly hypomanic. I am bouncy, fun and carefree. This makes it difficult to have people understand that something real is wrong with me. When I find myself in the depression, everyone (me included) just wants the “Happy Lena” back.

What I Am Doing to Cope

I have a Psychiatrist (Pdoc) that follows my illness with periodic medication evaluations. On previous meds I was taking, I would have to get blood samples taken to check my dosage and check for possible negative side effects.

I have a therapist I talk to weekly.

University of Wisconsin Department of Psychiatry

There are some Bipolar Support Groups in the Madison area that I know I could attend if needed.

I talk to my friends.

Yet, I need to remember to not overwhelm the people in my life that do not quite understand what this illness is all about.

I need to realize that I can experience a wide range of feelings, not just depression or hypomania. I am learning to identify different feelings and what internal or external components created them.

A List of Feelings

If I’m having a difficult day, or week, it helps to chart my biorhythm to see where I am in my cycles. The principle behind charting biorhythms is that our lives are affected by four known biorhythm cycles: physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitional.


What my friends and family can and can not do to Support me

The type of support friends and family can and can not provide
What activities can ease the pain and restlessness
…or what I want from others

talk to me
accept me for who I am
reassure me that I am lovable, capable and valuable
if there is something I really want to accomplish… help me get to the next step
tell me that you love me
give me a hug, or two

more ideas…
What actions tend to decrease my personal stability

trying to fix an emotional based problem with logic
sending me a long list of things that I should do or think about
abandoning me


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