Worksheet – 20 Things I Love to Do

An Exercise to Help You Explore What You Really Want Out of Life

  1. List 20 things you love to do. Put down whatever comes to mind without judging it or wondering what others would think about it. There are no right or wrong answers.
    • They can be big or little things in your life;
    • things appealing to the senses or more abstract pleasures;
    • things you’ve always enjoyed or relatively new experiences;
    • things that you do or that others do for you;
    • things done indoors or outdoors, at night or during the day, or in different seasons of the year;
    • be as specific as you can; and,
    • remember, this is your list
  2. Pick your favorite five activities.
  3. Now ask yourself the follow questions about each favorite activity.
    • Does cost more than $5.00 to do?
    • Do you do it alone?
    • Do you do it with others?
    • Does it require planning?
    • Did you do this five years ago?
  4. How many days it has been since you last engaged in these activities?

Credits: Mind Garden, Inc., New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA.