A Better Place to Be

What I Am Doing to Cope

I have a Psychiatrist (Pdoc) that follows my illness with periodic medication evaluations. On previous meds I was taking, I would have to get blood samples taken to check my dosage and check for possible negative side effects.

I have a therapist I talk to weekly.

University of Wisconsin Department of Psychiatry

There are some Bipolar Support Groups in the Madison area that I know I could attend if needed.

I talk to my friends.

Yet, I need to remember to not overwhelm the people in my life that do not quite understand what this illness is all about.

I need to realize that I can experience a wide range of feelings, not just depression or hypomania. I am learning to identify different feelings and what internal or external components created them.

A List of Feelings

If I'm having a difficult day, or week, it helps to chart my biorhythm to see where I am in my cycles. The principle behind charting biorhythms is that our lives are affected by four known biorhythm cycles: physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitional.

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